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Kids Summer Plate Project 

🌞 As the school year wraps up, the joyful shouts of summer echo through Douglasville, Georgia. But beneath the surface, this season brings an undercurrent of uncertainty for many. Over 28 million children across the U.S., who depend on free school meals during the academic year, face the risk of going hungry during the summer months.


In our community, the Douglas County School System serves diligently, nourishing the minds and bodies of approximately 25,802 students across 35 schools, including 20 elementary schools, eight middle schools, five high schools, and two specialized programs.


As we transition from the classroom to the community, the Good Samaritan Center steps up, especially when schools are out. We support over 600 families weekly, many of whom include students from our local schools. With the pause in school meals over the summer, the threat of food insecurity grows. The Good Samaritan Center fills this critical gap, ensuring no child goes hungry and that every family continues to receive the support they need.


🌞 Introducing our "Kids Summer Plate Project," running from May through August. This initiative is dedicated to ensuring that while the kids are out of school, they still have access to nutritious meals.


🌼 Your heartfelt contribution can make a real difference. A simple $25 donation to the Good Samaritan Center can extend our reach and help fill the plates of many children and families. Your generosity can transform the summer for children who might otherwise face hunger. Every gift you provide doubles the number of meals we can offer, ensuring that no child in our community faces hunger alone.


Together, we can transform a time of uncertainty into a season of hope and abundance. Join us in nurturing our future, one meal at a time. Let's ensure every child returns to school ready to learn, grow, and thrive.


🙏 Lend your heart to our cause and donate today. Your support is not just a gift; it's a lifeline.


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